South American Death Cult REPTILIUM Announce the Coming of ‘Conspiranoic’ on August 2

South American death cult REPTILIUM have proclaimed August 2 as the day on which Conspiranoic shall set upon the mortal masses with malevolent urgency. The first warning comes in the form of “Viral Combustion,” one that must be experienced to be believed:

“Viral Combustion”

REPTILIUM, also known as “The Reptile Sect” is a death cult originated in the cursedmountain region of South America, with the goal of establishing a portal for their so called “forbidden truth” to come through. As far of now this cult is believed to be led by high string priest Nirah, cryptic skinner Cecrops and attended by abominable hierophants such as the low frequency conjurer Lotan.

The occultist sect has been known to sacrifice its former collaborators in the process of achieving it’s ritualistic ends. Conspiranoic is REPTILIUM’s first sonic transmission medium.

Track Listing

1. Hannu ae Kondras
2. Goat
3. Viral Combustion
4. Just a Machine

Album Credits:

Recorded by: Nirah & Cecrops at Valley of the Dead, Quito , Ecuador
All music written by: Nirah
All lyrics written by: Cecrops
Engineered & Produced by: Nirah & Cecrops
Mixed & Mastered by: Cody Fuentes (Spite) at Rapture Recordings, Los Angeles,
Vocals, guitars & bass recorded by: Nirah
Drums recorded by: Cecrops
Samplers & programming by: Cecrops & Nirah

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