RINGARË set release date for IRON BONEHEAD debut, reveal first track – features Chaos Moon member

Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets March 8th as the international release date for Ringarë‘s highly anticipated debut album, Under Pale Moon, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Originally going by the moniker Ringar, Ringarë was forged in early winter anno MMIV as pure worship of synth-ridden black metal of the early ’90s. Hours of material was composed and recorded, including a debut full-length that later would be torn apart for Chaos Moon’s Languor into Echoes, Beyond while the remainder of the never-released Ringarë debut slept in shadow for nearly 14 years. Early 2018 saw the rediscovery of these missing pieces, now with refined vision and execution.

Indeed, true to mainman Esoterica’s word, Ringarë‘s Under Pale Moon is a refined and exceptionally executed slice of synth-drenched black metal classicism. Under the moon in the Scorpio does this second-wave mysticism lay, beholding the sad realm of the stars while waiting entree into a grand psychotic castle. But, for however ’90s-entrenched Ringarë‘s ruminations may be, there’s a keenly nuanced and, above all, wholly authentic aura to this mysticism that ably adds to black metal’s rich ancient language rather than merely paying lip service to it. Its four songs drown the listener in an impossibly foggy, deliriously velveteen experience that renders the 40-minute journey one that’s paradoxically longer, so engaging and bewitching is its moonlit magick.

The past is forever alive, and the journey with Ringarë begins Under Pale Moon. Take the first step onto that journey with the new track “Under Starry Night” HERE at Iron Bonehead‘s Soundcloud. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Ringarë’s Under Pale Moon
1. Under Pale Moon [10:16]
2. Sorrow Under Starry Sky [6:48]
3. In Nocturnal Agony [3:55]
4. Through Forest and Fog [18:12]


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