WE ARE THE CATALYST – New album “Ephemeral” – Available on February 13th!

The third album by fast-rising Swedish Rock / Alternative Metal act We Are The Catalyst – “Ephemeral” explores depression, the darkness within us all, hope, loss, dystopian world views and existential themes.  Most pronounced on the album is the sense of being just a small cog in the machinery that is the universe. All the struggles, strives, hopes and dreams we all have are generally nothing in the greater scheme of things.

In only a few years, Swedens Alternative Metal band We Are The Catalyst has managed to stir up quite the buzz. They did their second show EVER on tour in China, followed by touring the UK and playing several festivals in 2015.

Swedens We Are The Catalyst was formed in November of 2012 with the intent goal of being a light in the dark for those who need it the most.

In the last couple of years, We Are The Catalyst songs on streaming services like Spotify, Deezer etc. has been listened to over 3 million times with no label backing involved. They have Jerry Springer in the beginning of their music video for the cover “Don’t You Worry Child” presenting the song and talking to the viewer about the band.

They have been described as many things, among others Alternative Metal, Emotional Rock, Metalcore, Electronic Rock, Pop Metal, Dark Rock, etc, all blended into a unique mix with a strong modern feel. 

Upcomig UK TOUR

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