EWIGKEIT – remieres First Track & Video from the Forthcoming Album DISClose

Photo by Jessica Tilley

British band Ewigkeit released their video Guardians of the High Frontier. This song is part of the upcoming album DISClose and is considered one the “lighter” tracks on the album.

Ewigkeit is the project of British multi-instrumentalist James Fogarty (In The WoodsOld Forest,Jaldaboath and others). DISClose the 8th Ewigkeitalbum release and is the strongest and most coherent album since 2005’s Conspiritus album (Earache rec.)

The theme of DISClose is inspired by the growing movement of modern Ufologyas well as the push toward official testament and disclosure of an alien presence visiting our skies.

“I’ve always had a keen interest in UFOlogy,” says Fogartyand continues to explain that “things have been really become active over the last 18 months.” He assumes the reason being: “Aside from revelations about multiple exoplanets, the passing of massive interstellar object Oumuamua and revelations of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, there has also been the planned launch of the U.S. government’s ‘Space Force’.” Fogarty honestly believes that “we are on the cusp of the official confirmation of intelligent Extraterrestrial life, perhaps of a form that is genuinely threatening to our own – and it is this hypothetical conflict that I wrote the song ‘Guardians of the High Frontier’ about.”

The video has been animated by Fogarty with the help of Jessica Tilley and Lenny Bridgeman

‘DISClose’ is available to pre-order now from, and will be released digitally across all platforms to buy & stream on 23/02/19 and on CD on 23/03/19.

Cover artwork is designed exclusively for Death To Music productions by graphic artist Lenny Bridgeman.  Album mastering was completed by Frederic Gervais of Studio Henosis.

01 – 1947
02 – Disclosure
03 – Oppenheimer’s Lament
04 – Guardians of the High Frontier
05 – Resonance
06 – KRLLL
07 – Moon Monolith

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