New album from Lifeless Gaze

Lifeless Gaze is a dark ambient/depressive black metal project from Poland.

New album called The Unbearable Darkness of Being is an hour of depressive and hypnotic journey through obscure guitar riffs with minimal arrangements.

Mastermind behind this release is Michal ‘Neithan’ Kielbasa known from his industrial metal band Whalesong and various remix works (eg. Cult Of Luna, God Seed).

Full album stream on bandcamp

1. We are Born to Suffer
2. The Unbearable Darkness of Being
3. Never-Ending Void
4. Life Equals Zero

N – guitars, vocals, percussion, textures 
M – guitars

Recorded at Antisound Studio, Tarnowskie Góry, January and October 2018 
Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Michal ‘Neithan’ Kielbasa 
released November 23, 2018 

limited physical releases:
– tape 66 copies
– CD-R 33 copies

Youtube: Lifeless Gaze

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