EXPURGO / NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST split premiere set for 9th January

9th January will bring the grind split of Brazilian Expurgo and Polish Nuclear Holocaust, a release announced a few months ago. It will be limited to 300 copies of 12″ vinyl available in two colour versions: black (200 copies) and clear (100 copies). The release is a collaboration of Fat Ass RecordsThe Child With No Name and Mythrone Promotion. The artwork was done by Marcin Studziński (St. Chaos ART – https://www.facebook.com/chaosmessage/).

You can hear samples from both bands here:

Expurgo “Nails” 


Nuclear Holocaust “LSW of Death”



Deadly Remains Side

  1. Expurgo – Destruction Workers
  2. Expurgo – Dephts of Sores
  3. Expurgo – Horror
  4. Expurgo – Brown Vomit    
  5. Expurgo – Nails      
  6. Expurgo – Failure Stench   
  7. Expurgo – Harsh Ignorance
  8. Expurgo – Disrupting Flaw Thieves           
  9. Expurgo – From Subversive to Subservience        
  10. Expurgo – Murderous Siege
  11. Expurgo – Politic Dumb Ass
  12. Expurgo – Break Even Point
  13. Expurgo – War Face             

The Root of All Evil Side

  1. Nuclear Holocaust – LSW of Death           
  2. Nuclear Holocaust – Armageddon Routine
  3. Nuclear Holocaust – Food Cart of Rotten Inferno
  4. Nuclear Holocaust – What Lies Beneath the Lies
  5. Nuclear Holocaust – Zombified by Accident
  6. Nuclear Holocaust – Warhead Full of Booze        
  7. Nuclear Holocaust – A Stray Missile Strikes Twice          
  8. Nuclear Holocaust – Raped by an Aborted Fetus

Expurgo is a Brazilian hurricane that has been blasting the lands on both sides of the Atlantic with its unique grind for 18 years. They confirmed their status with last year’s album “Deformed by Law” and an intense European tour ending with an amazing show at Trutnov’s Obscene Extreme Festival. https://www.facebook.com/ExpurgoGrind/

Poland based bombardiers from Nuclear Holocaust aren’t slacking off after releasing their second, well received album “Grinding Bombing Thrashing” in autumn 2018. After a short, winter break from shows they’re planning a new offensive and coming back with a new release. https://www.facebook.com/Nuclearmetalpunks/

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