GRUZJA – Reveals Debut Album Details

Gruzja and their I Iść Dalej (And Move Further) debut full length is soon to be released. On a black metal scene featuring virtually any subgenre one might think of, this is going to be a hell of a record that will actually make you verify your views and opinions! A totally unpredictable and astonishing yet fully convincing and original take on black metal. An output totally out of the comfort zone. A true must for ‘open-minded die-hards’!

According to Gruzja members, ‘the spirit is local, but the music – from afar. Gruzja deals with art and, consequently, it is part of a culture. A culture of violence‘. So, expect the unexpected, beware the violent, the filthy and the primitive, the obscure and the disgusting. You will definitely not be left cold.

I Iść Dalej is scheduled for a release on 27 February 2019 as CD through Godz Ov War Productions.

Gruzja have released a video for Opuść Mnie:
Vimeo: (alternative link)

1. Gruzini
2. Moja Ratyzbona
3. Opuść Mnie
4. Manam
5. Jego Głos
6. Ilu Nas Było?
7. Iść Dalej

Music & lyrics by Gruzja.
Recorded at Tbilisi, August / September 2018.
Mixed & mastered by HG.

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