LOSTAIR – launch new videoclip “Where The Angels Die”

Lostair shared the first videoclip for their single Where tThe Angels Die taken from the last album AD JUBILAEUM (Revalve records).

Watch now at:

Listen full album on spotify:

“Ad Jubilaeum” is a concept album focusing on Christianity and its religious political power from antiquity to the present day The first songs of the album, At the hands of black inquisition and Rise, speak of the holy inquisition and the times of the crusades, Where the angels die and Vaticanum instead focus on the Vatican and the power of the church, then proceed with The Bible Code and Trinitity dealing with more complex issues, that is the code hidden behind the rows of the holy bible and the concept of trinity one of the most fascinating religious mysteries in Christian history. They conclude the album The fall of any gods and Finis dierum, both songs express the uncertainty of human destiny and its fragility toward faith.

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