NoCleanSinging Premiere Brutal Drum Playthrough “Severed Limb Convulsion” By OF HATRED SPAWN

L-R: Matt Collacott (Vocals) | Remy Tartaglia (Guitars) | JJ Tartaglia (Drums) | Oscar Rangel (Bass)
Photo Credit – Mikey Wheeler

The latest blistering death metal entity Of Hatred Spawn unleashed their self-titled debut album worldwide this past December on Boonsdale Records. The band’s studio and live line-up consist of JJ Tartaglia (Skull Fist) on drums, his brother Remy Tartaglia on guitars, Oscar Rangel (ex-Annihilator) on bass and Matt “Coldcuts” Collacott on vocals. The project is the first-ever collaborative offering by the Tartaglia brothers and holds great promise and expectations within the metal community around the world.

The band delivers an old-school death metal sound in the vein of old Morbid Angel, Decapitated, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Ruination-era Job For A Cowboy, while staying true to the modern trends of today’s extreme metal. Super low-tuned guitars, guttural vocals, blast beat drumming, odd-time signatures, and tempo shifts create the atmosphere for Of Hatred Spawn’s demonic sound. The lyrical themes tell stories of plagues, slavery, darkness and the balance of evil.

Teaming up with, the band is premiering drummer JJ Tartaglia’s new playthrough for the album’s track Severed Limb Convulsion”

Tartaglia comments: 

“This song is probably the heaviest one on the album. Straight up death metal, with quite a few changes in odd-time signatures of 11/8, 7/8, 5/8, and 6/8 and a tempo shift as well. All of the elements give it quite a modern sound making it one of my fave tracks. Real fun to play as well.”

Watch the playthrough at 

Album order and stream available on Boonsdale Records hereBandcampSpotifyiTunes.

Track Listing:
1. Overture (1:36)
2. Global Dehumanization (3:38)
3. Nest Of Vipers (4:57)
4. Severed Limb Convulsion (3:30)
5. Plaga (5:34)
6. Nocturnal Swarm (4:06)
7. God Of Wrath (5:27)
Album Length: 28:50

Of Hatred Spawn is:
Matt Collacott (Vocals)
Remy Tartaglia (Guitars)
JJ Tartaglia (Drums)
Oscar Rangel (Bass)

For more info:

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