THE SCARS IN PNEUMA – “The Glorious Empire Of Sand” [Official Track]

Comment by guitarist/vocalist Lorenzo Marchello:
“The Glorious Empire Of Sand” is probably the song i’m most proud of off our upcoming debut “The Path Of Seven Sorrows”. It’s also the longest track of the album and it showcases different styles, including epic / melodic mid-tempo riffs, pure black metal attacks and clean guitars sections. This makes the whole song sound multiform when it comes to the mood. Lyrics talk about the futility and frailty of our efforts in life (which is a recurring theme on the whole album’s lyrics), but here this topic is explored with an epic perspective by referring to the ancient empires which, sooner or later, have fallen (“sand” in the title is a metaphor for frailty, for something which won’t last). And, despite knowing where the journey leads, we still struggle in order to build our “glorious empire of sand”.

“The Path Of Seven Sorrows” tracklist:

  1. Devotion
  2. Souls Are Burning
  3. Spark To Fire To Sun
  4. All The Secrets That We Keep
  5. Dark Horizons Ahead
  6. The Glorious Empire Of Sand
  7. Constellations 

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