NoCleanSinging Premiere CRYPTERIA’s Lyric Video “Corrupted Text”

L-R = Rex Kirkland – Drums, Bobby Warner – Vocals, Kevin McCombs – Bass, Austin Burleigh – Guitar

Brutal is the forte for Jacksonville’s CRYPTERIA who take the Floridian death metal tradition, snap its neck with technicality and then bring it back to life with groove and memorable riffs. Unleashing their self-titled debut album in October 2018, mixed and mastered by Denmark’s Jacob Hansen, CRYPTERIA is definitely enjoyable for fans of well-known bands in the genre, but with more poetic and philosophical lyrical content than listeners might expect with guitarist Austin Burleigh’s classic literature teaching background. 

Teaming up with, the band presents their new lyric video for “Corrupted Text”, a track influenced by Hume “Of Miracles” and the second half of Hobbes’ “Leviathan”. The track mocks belief in miracles and visions while noting how early Christian writers inadvertently included concepts derived from ancient pagan philosophy into their sacred texts.

Check out “Corrupted Text” at the following link: 

Album order and stream available on BandcampSpotifyiTunes.

Track Listing:
1. Dionysian (2:13)
2. Samsara (3:06)
3. Loss (2:00)
4. Medusa’s Gaze (1:57)
5. Corrupted Text (2:09)
6. Scorned (4:03)
7. Immersed In Emptiness (3:03)
8. Indifferent (1:57)
9. Mechanized Insurgency (3:14)
10. Nemesis (1:33)
11. Dim the Sky (2:42)
12. Graftings (3:42)
Album Length: 31:44

Album Band Line Up: 
Austin Burleigh – Guitar
Rex Kirkland – Drums
Kevin McCombs – Bass
Bobby Warner – Vocals

Live Band Line Up:
Austin Burleigh – Guitar
Rex Kirkland – Drums
Kevin McCombs – Bass
Bobby Warner – Vocals

For more info:

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