SORCERY working on their fourth album, to be released by XTREEM MUSIC

Legendary Swedish death metal band Sorcery are finalizing the process of composing their fourth album, which is scheduled to be recorded between the months of April and May, for its release in July, again through Xtreem Music, where they have already released their two previous albums, Arrival at Six (2013) and Garden of Bones (2016), as well as the reissue of their first album from ’91 under the title of Legacy of Blood.
Sorcery‘s new album does not have a title yet, but the band has revealed some of the songs’ titles: “Illuminate,” “Death is Near,” “King of Nothing,” and “Of Blood and Ash.” This new work will have a new lineup from their previous work, which is formed by:
Ola Malmström – vocals
Paul Johansson – guitar
Johan Vikholm – guitar
Tommy Holmer – drums
John Falk – bass
Xtreem Music will reveal details of the album when the recordings are finished, showing a first advance single, cover and tracklist, as well as a definitive date for its release. In the meantime, you can hear a song from their previous album HERE at Xtreem‘s official YouTube channel as well as consult the links below.

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