Heavy/ Groove Metallers HOSTILIAN proudly release their second EP- ‘Catalyst’

Indian Heavy/ Groove Metallers HOSTILIAN are finally set to release their second EP entitled- ‘Catalyst’. The band is also set to share stage with The Ocean Collective on account of their EP launch in the latter’s India tour. The EP releases on January 18, 2019 worldwide and is available in both digital and physical platforms. 

The band states, “The EP is a study of the human condition. It’s about how, deep down, we’re actually like a virus, eating away the earth, even the other people and ourselves. All the good in people is just a face to show the world. There is a constant darkness in us just waiting for an opportunity to come out. This darkness is our most basic human instinct. Raping, killing, greed is all just a manifestation of what we really are deep inside. Each song talks about various aspects of this primary proclivity inside us. Everything we work for everyday is a lie. We are not meant for great things. We are only meant to end all cycles of life. A hard reboot to all life on Earth. We are a catalyst to the process that had begun long before we even stepped into this world.”

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