VESPERINE (Post-Hardcore – France) releases 14-minutes track “CELUI QUE L’OMBRE PÉNÈTRE”

Lyon-based French quintet have launched a first extract from their upcoming debut album, a massive 14-minutes long track called “Celui Que L’Ombre Pénètre“.

Their first album, « Espérer Sombrer » will be released on March 22nd on CD, Double Vinyl, and Digital. It was mixed by Amaury Sauvé, who also worked on the latest Zapruder album.

« Espérer Sombrer » could literally be translated as “Hope to sink”, which reflects pretty much the mood of the album, even if there are glimpses of light here and there.

Preorder now :


  1. Clair-Obscur
  2. Nous, Si Photosensibles
  3. Mille Couleurs
  4. L’Immensément Noir (06h37)
  5. Crépuscule Et Aube
  6. L’Immensément Noir (21h32)
  7. Celui Que L’Ombre Pénètre
« Espérer Sombrer » will be released on 22 March 2019
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