ALTERED STATE sign worldwide deal with Pure Steel Records

Pure Steel Records are proud to announce an unearthed piece of Heavy Metal History brought to you by none other than US Progressive/Power Metal band ALTERED STATE

The band, founded in 1989 by Bassist Chris Fredericks, Guitarists John Orrio and Doug Taylor formed an alliance that would leave its mark in the Metal World for many years to come. With the addition of former Deadly Blessing vocalist SKI, then later, the bands drummer Todd Deputy completed the definitive line-up for ALTERED STATE.

The band, seemingly, had all their pieces in place but due to consistent touring and recording the band disbanded, unequivocally, in 1991.

Fast forward to 2019, the very unreleased demo that has become, at some point, a tape traders sensation will be released OFFICIALLY for the first time through PURE STEEL RECORDS.

More details will be forthcoming in the weeks and months leading to this special, exclusive release!

Ski (ex-Deadly Blessing, ex-Zygo, ex-Obliterate, ex-Cloud Thirteen, ex-Faith Factor, Rightful Heir, Metal Godz) – vocals
John Orrio (ex-Optimus Prime, ex-Cloud Thirteen, ex-This Creature, Hillside Moan) – guitars
Doug Taylor (ex-Cloud Thirteen, ex-Moonseed) – guitars
Chris Fredericks (ex-Cloud Thirteen, ex-Moonseed, Hillside Moan) – bass
Todd Deputy (ex-Black Magic, ex-Cloud Thirteen, ex-Spur) – drums


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