The BLACK WATER PANIC Project set release date for new single “KVLT of IRON”

Polish Industrial metal project The BLACK WATER PANIC Project sets February 14th, 2019 as an international release date for new single “KVLT of IRON”, containing two songs and a bonus, hidden track,“Shaking Hands with the Devil” in a rearranged, electronic version. “KVLT of IRON” preceded “CHURCH ov IRON” – the full-length album, The BLACK WATER PANIC Project currently is finishing recording with a new line-up.

The BLACK WATER PANIC Project was formed shortly after major trouble with blood coagulation after bad tattooing done on the singer’s skin that put Nightmare Animal (vocals, keyboards, electronic devices of mass destruction) into hospital in October 2013. The atmosphere of those events was essential for the creative process and was also the genesis of the band’s name and sterile, almost only electronic attitude to creation. 13th of December 2013 “Fight for Oxygen”, first album, saw daylight followed by many videos.

Shortly after finishing all those movies, Nightmare Animal assembled a few musicians and recorded their second album “Alpha Pro Broken Machines”. The release of this album was preceded by the album pill you can find here:

and the teaser video for “Damage is Done”:

The entire album is available under this link since its release date, 4th of September, 2015:

Videos from this album were recorded and edited, as all of them ’till now, by Warsaw’s Snufkin Studio and directed by Michał Biliński:

11th March was the date of releasing the single “I’d rather lick Public Lavatory’s Floors than Kiss You, Honey”. The single also containedNightmare Animal‘s book of poetry.

On April 23, TheBWPP recorded a live set at Proxima Club in Warsaw and released it as a free addition to Lizard Music Magazine in Poland.
The whole setlist and videos from the show can be found here:

15.09.2017 was a special date for TheBWPP because, on this day, the fully instrumental, conceptual and recorded only by Nightmare Animal”Bats: Melodies and Lullabies for Samal” was released. All the songs were written for his soon-to-be ex-wife, before she tried to kill him during sleep with a knife.
The only video made for this album can be found here:

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