ENTER 6 – Release 2nd Studio Album Black Dolphin on March 15th

Sometimes it takes some time to put all the pieces into a puzzle, but the result is always worth it! The new album from Sydney’s Enter 6,Black Dolphin, has taken years of finding the right members and defining and honing their sound into a unique entity that will take the listener’s ear on a journey of progressive groove that will surely leave them begging for more. Due to be released in early 2019, it truly is an exciting time for Enter 6!

Enter 6 is an Australian thrash metal band based in Sydney, formed in 1998 by Alex Vexler (guitarist/vocalist) and Andrija Skocic (drummer). In 2000, the band self-released their debut album Dreams which was followed by extensive touring in Australia. In 2003, Peter Beard, the current bassist, joined Enter 6 bringing in a different style. Incorporating a very groove-heavy, yet progressive sound formed by different influences from each band member, ranging from Carnal Forge to Whitechapel, makes their music unique and original.

Alex Vexler – Vocals & Guitar
Peter Beard – Bass & Back Vocals
Andrija Skocic – Drums


1. Director
2. Hate Blame
3. My Withered Hands
4. Precious
5. Those Like Me
6. I Walk Alone
7. All For Nothing
8. Lost
9. The Bitter End
10. Shamed

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