BRAVE THE WATERS – Melancholic Soundscape Duo Launch Chapter II: Days of Solitude Full Stream At Svbterannean

New York, New York-based ambient guitar/bass only post-rock influenced duo Brave the Waters are finally on the cusp of dropping their second album, Chapter II: Days of Solitude this Friday, February 1st. The album is the groups follow up to their 2015 debut, Chapter I: Dawn of Days. Chapter II: Days of Solitude will appeal to fans of the group’s core influences which the bands cite as largely being inspired by Pink Floyd, Mogwai, Anathema, Sigur Ros, and Sun Kil Moon.

Brave the Waters consists of New York metal scene veterans Tom Anderer (2018 live bass for Artificial Brain at times) and Rick Habeeb who’ve spent years building up musical chemistry together in groups such as doom metal outfit Grey Skies Fallen and experimental deathgrind outfit Buckshot Facelift which is fronted by Artificial Brain vocalist Will Smith.

Like their prior works, the new album is built upon a hybrid improvised and carefully written approach that layers the duo’s talents into lush soundscapes which mirror the feeling of winter upon us and tap into feelings of solitude, mourning, self-reflection, hope, and solace. All electric guitar was improvised by Rick Habeeb and supported by written acoustic guitar and bass from Tom Anderer with a more structured approach to the compositions this time on Chapter II: Days of Solitude.

Today the band partnered with Svbterranean to launch an early album stream of Chapter II: Days of Solitude.

Brave the Waters band statement regarding Chapter II: Days of Solitude
“These songs are sad and somber but reveal hope in the darkest places of self-consciousness and are very thoughtful. The album tells a detailed story without words, allowing the listener to evoke the settings and characters their imagination creates from the ambient soundtrack. Artwork again is amazingly-handled by Travis Smith (Amorphis, Opeth, Strapping Young Lad, Megadeth, etc.), and we hope to release this both in digital and physical formats.”

Brave the Waters – Chapter II: Days of Solitude Track Listing
1. Endless Pursuit
2. Above the Broken Clouds
3. Written in Stone & Locked Away
4. To Be Alone
5. Transcending Horizons
6. Vague Shadows
7. Trials of the Sunken Swamp
8. Out of Nowhere
9. Maze of Winding Roads
10. Arrival at the Gates of Torment

Brave the Waters Line-up
Rick Habeeb – Improvised Electric Guitar (Buckshot Facelift, Grey Skies Fallen)
Tom Anderer – Acoustic Guitar and Bass (Buckshot Facelift, Grey Skies Fallen)

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