Oliver Zisko’s new solo album titled „The Wondrous Stag / A Csodaszarvas” is out now!

Oliver Zisko’s new solo album titled „The Wondrous Stag / A Csodaszarvas” is out now! The drummer didn’t come out with new issue since his last album: „100% Drumming”. This was in 2010. We can hear the songs of a special fire-show on the new Cd. This fire show based on the drummer’s flaming drum stick idea. In the live performances he lights his drum sticks on fire at both ends. The promo clip of the idea can be seen here:

Some information for those who don’t know him: Oliver is a Hungarian underground session & studio drummer since more than 25 years. He took part in lot of session projects and his drumming can be heard on several bands’ albums, like Sear Bliss, Bloody Roots (Moby Dick side project). He took part also live with some
well-known Hungarian pop singers, such as Ildikó Keresztes, Csilla Auth, Dóra Danics, Vera Tóth, Ádám Török etc.). He made two teaching materials for drummers. A score book and a DVD. He wrote the drum score chapter of the Hungarian musician magazine for two years.

The Wondrous Stag album is an instrumental mixture of world music, experimental prog rock & modern jazz.
Worth to listen to it for those who like to dive deep into experimental music of mystical atmospheres.
Recommended especially for drummers because of the lot of drum solos and odd time signatures, also for guitarists because of the beautiful fusiony guitar playing.

We have to mention the members of the crew around Oliver, which helped to fix every work phases of this project. First and foremost the featuring musician, Marius Pop from Romania, who is one of the most talented European gutarists of our time. He won a lot of prizes on talent researches and can be heard in a lot of fusion & pop bands. He is the gutarist of the well-known pop star: Smiley and he is also a sound engineer. The cover artwork and booklet were made by Gyula Havancsák who is well-known because of his graphic arts for bands like Annihilator, Stratovarius, Destruction, Grave Digger etc., and a lot of book covers. The songs are mixed and mastered by Viktor „Max” Scheer. His name is also well-known amongst sound engineers. Photos & videos are made by Tamas Toth. Oliver plays some percussion instruments and synthesizers besides the drum set on the album. The songs were composed by him. The guitar parts are the works of Marius Pop.

The CD contains 9 tracks and 2 bonus tracks in 68 minutes. Recommended to watch the trailer here:

You can listen the full material at Oliver’s bandcamp site, where you have the possibility to support the performer by Cd orders & mp3 downloads:

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