DREAD UTOPIA release new single ‘You Will Now Suffer’

Dread Utopia announces release of new single titled, “You Will Now Suffer“. 

The new single is far different from their previously releases. “You Will Now Suffer” is a new direction for Dread Utopia, one we embrace wholeheartedly”, says guitarist Harry Glaspell. 

“We have a whole batch of new songs that are just as fast, brutal, and heavy as “You Will Now Suffer””, said Harry. 

The band says they will continue to record more music in the coming months and hope to have a new EP released in the Spring. Says Harry, “We haven’t held ourselves to a timetable. We don’t want to rush anything, but Spring is the target release date for a new EP.” You can listen to the new single on the band’s Bandcamp page and on streaming platforms YouTube and Soundcloud.

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