DYING EMBERS – Debut album will released on Black Sunset in March!

Where Shadeless Dwell Frozen” is the name of the debut album of Dying Embers, the solo project of Jürgen Schurz (Unhallowed), which will see the light of day on March 1st via Black Sunset! 

The upcoming album will contain 10 songs which have been created and matured over a period of almost 5 years. Dark, epic and melodic – always suitable to grab the listener with his bittersweet melancholy, the long journey of Dying Embers reaches its climax with the release of this album and the collaboration with Black Sunset. The album was produced by Stefan Traummüller at Soundtempel Studio Freilassing (Wallachia).

Links: https://www.facebook.com/BeyondTheCrimsonHaze/

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