LIGFAERD reveal album details + Premiere first single!

‘Den Ildrøde Konge’ coming this March on Vendetta Records!

Originally formed in the year of the millenium under the name Hrapp and several demos later, it was in 2005 when the Danish Black Metal trio changed its name into LIGFAERD. Following a line-up change, numerous EPs, splits as well as two full-length albums, live appearances such as at Metal Magic Festival, the band quickly began to receive high praise in the underground Black Metal scene. Today, LIGFAERD are finally presenting us the first details about their third album titled ‘Den Ildrøde Konge’, which is set for a release on March 15th 2019 with Berlin-based Vendetta Records! In the band’s tradition the lyrics do not only come in Danish, with ‘Den Ildrøde Konge’ LIGFAERD are continuing their path on the darkest art of metal and deliver a fierce beast of pure evil, the band’s strongest and most compelling work to date.

To serve a first appetizer straight out of hell, LIGFAERD are now premiering the album opening track ‘Fra Helvede Frem’! “First song on the album, and the first song released.” Band mastermind Sod comments. “‘Fra Helvede Frem’ sums up our new album ‘Den Ildrøde Konge’ perfectly. Sinister, aggressive and an ill omen of what is to come!”

Stream ‘Fra Helvede Frem’ HERE!

The full tracklist of ‘Den Ildrøde Konge’ will read as follows:

1. Fra Helvede Frem (From Hell Forth)
2. Den Ildrøde Konge (The Scarlet King)
3. Den Hornedes Klo (Claw of the Horned One)
4. Kiøge Huskors 1608 – 1615 (The Haunting Of Kiøge 1608-1615)
5. Epitafium (Epitaph )
6. Under Uindviet Jord (Beneath Unhallowed Ground)
7. Sortekunst (Sortilege)
8. Den Stærkeste Hyrde (The Strongest Sheperd)
9. Jordfæstet (Interred)
10. Den Fejlslagne Nedmaning (The Failed Exorcism)

Den Ildrøde Konge‘ will be coming as CD, LP and Digital Download on March 15th 2019 with Vendetta Records, the album pre-order with many more news to follow will start soon.

Sod – Vocals & Guitars
Arent – Drums
Benedictus – Bass

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