VARGSHEIM – new album “Söhne der Sonne” will be released on 22 March!

Four years after their last album “Träume der Schlaflosen” the Würzburger Vargsheim have finished the work on their new work. “Söhne der Sonne” will be released on March 22, 2019 via MDD! The new record will contain 9 songs with a playing time of almost 52 minutes and will be released with the claim to be a further increase to its predecessor. According to the first rehearsal samples, the trio has indeed surpassed themselves once again.

Söhne der Sonne” unites the charm of the rocky, rude predecessor and also reflects a bit on the conceptual songwriting of the first records. The result is a black metal journey that lyrically deals with Overestimation of one’s own capabilities, self-awareness, human arrogance and the ravages of time. “Söhne der Sonne” was mixed and mastered by Nikita Kamprad (Der Weg einer Freiheit). The cover artwork shown here was made by bassist Harvst! More info soon!

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