DIM AURA – No Clean Singing debuts “Black Heretic Hate” from Israeli black metal nihilists’ upcoming album ‘The Triumphant Age of Death’

Israeli black metal misanthropes DIM AURA will release their sophomore album, The Triumphant Age of Death, on March 22nd under the banner of SATURNAL RECORDS. As the first taste of the album, the band is currently streaming the third track “Black Heretic Hate” exclusively via No Clean Singing. 

CD will be available for pre-order in the mid/late February.

“Mercy is a foreign concept in this track, and sometimes that’s exactly the kind of catharsis we need..” — No Clean Singing comments on the single, Black Heretic Hate.

“‘Black Heretic Hate’ is a track depicting an onslaught on organized religion” — proclaims the band. 

Stream the track exclusively via No Clean Singing,  AT THIS LOCATION

Hailing from Tel Aviv, DIM AURA was stormed into the scene in 2010 as a quattro of black metal nihilists who have remained musically chained together since the inception of the group. After the EP “R.U.S.T.” and a slew of live annihilations and studio sessions, the Israeli misanthropes unfurled their debut album “The Negation of Existence” in 2013.

DIM AURA presented their terror manifestation in the foreign soil by appearing at Meh Suff! Metal-Festival 2014 and STEELFEST 2015. Locally, they shared stage with Bölzer, Trepaneringsritualen, Necrophbic, aside from playing at other numerous local festivals.

2017 saw the arrival of their first 7″ EP “Negged”, driving the bands compulsory urges towards their forthcoming sophomore album.

The Dim Aura pact is sealed and concealed, with no way in and no way out. Through the past decade the pact has always been active, always conjuring, always terrorizing and never resting – and this torment of humanity is now made an alliance with Saturnal Records for the upcoming full-length, The Triumphant Age of Death, with an aim to beget a new era by spreading their vision, plague and terror ritual further upon mankind.  Eschewing trends and mediocrities, the band is known for integrating various genres into their bleak and dismal Black Metal sound, ranging from oldschool punk to dark ’80s and beyond. This album is no exception — a massive wall of sonic hatred. 

1. Clockwork Negativism
2. Towards the Plague
3. Black Heretic Hate
4. Blood Boiling Misanthropy
5. Death, Total Death
6. Antinomianism
7. The Triumphant (Age of Death)
8. The Cruel
9. Mors Vincit Omnia


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