Finnish fuzz rock band ATOMIC ANNIE is going crazy with new video single ‘Insane’

Fresh Finnish fuzz rock band Atomic Annie release a new single and video today together with Turku Rock Academy and V.R. Music. On the music video singer Benjamin Strömsund plays an autobiographigal role as a shady small town rock star.

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YouTube, listen to the song on music services or download as a package for editorial use.

Atomic Annie plays groovy fuzz rock with psychedelic bluesy influences. Adding a very strong vocalist to the old school two guitar band sound you get the sound of Annie – beautiful but deadly!

The story of Annie began in the year 2017 in Southern Finland when five music loving dudes got together and formed a band. Despite the young age, Annie has played numerous club and festival gigs in Finland (including Ruisrock, Finlands biggest festival) and has done a few visits to Sweden. And the band is just getting started!
The lyrical themes are based around personal issues. Even though the themes may be a bit darker, Annie spreads energy and joy when playing live and loves to have a good time with the audience!

‘Insane’ paints a picture of a person that has sunken deep in his own, slightly twisted thoughts. The person is full of fear and hatred, and he surrounds himself with walls and fences. But in the end it’s not clear if he’s insane or if he’s the only sane person in this world.
When recording, the band tried to keep the sound as organic as possible. Drums, bass and rhythm guitars are recorded live and vocals are recorded by long takes instead of singing one line at a time.

Atomic Annie is influenced by such bands as The Black Keys, Queens of the Stone Age andBlack Sabbath.

Atomic Annie is:
Benjamin Strömsund – Vocals & Harmonica
Eemeli Tammero – Guitar
Robin Lindberg – Guitar
Santeri Kuokka – Drums
Topi Lindqvist – Bass

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