METSATÖLL – will relese their seventh studio album “Katk Kutsariks” (“Plague Coachman”) on February 23, 2019. Third single out TODAY!

“Stay, companion, and think of the journey which you began when you first opened your eyes. It is you who is the coachman. And the horse you are too, and the burden you are carrying. But if you were ever to forget why the devil are you on this road, the Plague itself will seize the reins. Be you then prepared to suffer the consequences: the ones who sow the wind will have to reap the storm.”
/Metsatöll 10232/

Today there will be released a new single from the METSATÖLLS forthcoming album. The song is called: “Ballaad punastest paeltest” (“The Ballad of Red Ribbons”). 

Lauri Õunapuu: “In the swamps and bogs the will-o’-the-wisps can still be seen. They look like a beautiful maiden who is using all her charm to coax you into leaving your home, your farm and the people you love. You 
can hold on to the naive hope that the red ribbons your loved ones tied around your wrists will save you from the bewitchery, but the nature runs its own course.

On the album “Katk Kutsariks” Metsatöll is telling the story of Estonia, reaching back to the ancient times when people didn’t take for granted the crops they would reap in the autumn from the slash-and-burn lands. It was essential for them to get along with well wishing spirits, so that our villages would not lack food in the winter and our kinsmen would survive and have stories to sing about.

Metsatöll – celebrating their 20th anniversary – is telling the story of Estonian tribes as passionately as ever. The band sincerely believes that music has the power to save the world from the symbolical Plague and that a thousand years from now there will still be honorable Estonian graybeards who cherish their land and language, customs and sacred groves.

With the album “Katk Kutsariks” Metsatöll will turn back to the band’s roots: the bagpipe solos that are howling like the wind and the guitar riffs that are heavy like metal will interweave with the sound of kannel and rustic choir arrangements. Keijo Koppel, Metsatöll’s masterful sound engineer, has had his hands full making sure that all the ideas of this creative lot would be heard on the album. This is an album that has to be really listened to and delved into. It urges the listener to think along.

The album features the well known singer Marko Matvere and actress Marta Laan. John Ryan, the violinist of one of the oldest Irish folk metal bands Cruachan, is playing bowed instruments on the album.

The album “Plague Coachman” was recorded and produced by Keijo Koppel and Metsatöll, in fall 2018 in Tallinn.
Front cover: Jüri Arrak “People with Bubo”, 2018. Lithography, coloured pencils. Private collection.
Designed by Kristjan “Luix” Luiga.
Photography by Erlend Štaub.
Lyrics translated into English by Silver “Factor” Rattasepp.

Album ”Katk kutsariks” can be ordered from 23.02.2019 at Metsatöll’s webshop:

Metsatöll – „Katk kutsariks” – 23.02.2019:

  1. Toona/ Before – 1:43
  2. Katk kutsariks/ Plague coachman – 4:12
  3. Ebavere/ Ebavere – 4:34
  4. Kange kui raud/ Strong as Iron – 3:55
  5. Ballaad punastest paeltest/ The Ballad of Red Ribbons – 4:32
  6. Talvehambad/ Teeth of Winter – 4:31
  7. Kurjajuur/ Root of Evil – 3:34
  8. Tõiv/ The Pledge – 2:50
  9. Metsaviha 4/ Woodwrath 4 – 3:06
  10. Metsaviha 5/ Woodwrath 5 – 3:49
  11. Koduhiite kaitsel/ Defending Sacred Home Groves – 3:25
  12. Lemmingu unelaul/ Lemming’s Lullaby – 4:53

Metsatöll is:
KuriRaivo – bass, vocals
Tõnis – drums, vocals
Markus – vocals, guitars
Lauri – vocals, torupill, flutes, kannel, instrument of angst, acoustic guitar

Together with:
Marko Matvere – vocals (“Koduhiite kaitsel”)
Marta Laan – vocals (“Ballaad punastest paeltest”)
John Ryan – bowed instruments (“Koduhiite kaitsel”)

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