OMNISPAWN Releases ‘The Caring’

The Swedish melodeath band Omnispawn announced a few days ago they’ve been working in secrecy for the last months, enhancing the start of 2019 out of nowhere with this new banger, entitled The Caring.

After declaring their comeback 2017, they’ve been consistent releasing new music on a stable basis. In July last year the band released Let Go, and said: “We actually took the step into the future with this song. It’s the first song out representing what we actually sound like today”.

The Caring is the third single the band releases in a row and yes, everyone can breathe easy: there seems to be more to come. “We are currently working on, writing and recording a new album ‘Inferno’, so that’s our next big step music wise”.

Guitarist and producer Markus Harju checked in with the following comment: “From the second the music of The Caring reached my ears I was determined this is some of the most SICK we’ve ever done! It’s the perfect love ballad that makes the massive crowd move.

I wanted to go for a different sound this time, a more dry and explosive touch than we are used to. The song itself talks it’s own language and I didn’t want to cover that up with effects, soundscapes etc. I aimed for “What you hear is what you get!” and wanted to enhance that feeling in the production.

The artwork fits perfect to the main idea of the lyrics I wrote, as well. Inside the egg lies the most pure and vulnerable. The unaffected. Something we tend to call “The loving, gentle and – The Caring, by nature”. Waiting to enter this world. A world full of blindness, thinking we are helping the beautiful new creatures growing up to be the best versions of themselves, for themselves and everyone around, but…

– “I am The Caring, the harmless creature. At least that is what you think I am…”

The Caring is produced by the guitarist and music producer Markus Harju and the band teamed up with the extraordinary painter and artist John Kullman, who also made the cover art for EmbersPhoenix and Let Go.

Check out The Caring below:

YOUTUBE: Omnispawn – The Caring

SPOTIFY: Omnispawn – The Caring

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