FOUL BODY AUTOPSY to release new EP The Unquiet Dead! The zombies are back!

Join us as we travel back to the post apocalyptic world of Foul Body Autopsy! Last year Tom Reynolds, the man behind the Foul Body Autopsy name, took us on a violent adventure through a zombie infested world with the George A. Romeroinspired concept album, This Machine Kills Zombies. Now, the man described by Angry Metal Guy as, ‘a fucking riff machine’ invites us to return to the kingdom of the undead with conceptual EP, The Unquiet Dead. The battle with the flesh eaters has been comprehensively lost and earth lies wrapped in a deadly cloak of radiation poisoning. Mutants and monsters stalk the irradiated wastelands and the last remnants of mankind have gathered in a last safe place, a final bolthole, a stronghold they call Sanctuary. The Unquiet Dead tells the story of one man’s desperate quest for Sanctuary.

With The Unquiet Dead Tom Reynolds has added incredible depth and maturity to his song writing. That onslaught of razor sharp riffs is still present and correct, but layers of atmosphere have been added along with a more dynamic vocal performance and some superb guitar lines that weave melody and emotion between the twisted barbed wire attacks. Utilising the renowned skills of legendary producer Russ Russell (AmorphisNapalm DeathDimmu BorgirMegadeth etc) has also ensured a richness of sound such as Foul Body Autopsy releases have never enjoyed before. Despite The Unquiet Dead featuring just three songs, Tom Reynolds has managed to capture the sense of an epic journey, fraught with danger that will enthral listeners from the first moment to the last – and leave them, like the undead of his terrifying imagined world, ravenous for more.

With The Unquiet Dead Tom Reynolds has really expanded upon the concept of what Foul Body Autopsy can be. While staying true to the intensity of his musical origins he has looked to new horizons and the results are superb. The Unquiet Dead will be released exclusively through the Foul Body Autopsy Bandcamp page and band store, on March 6th, on both CD and mp3 download. Pre-order your copy now and prepare for a nightmare vision of mankind’s inevitable destruction.

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