Thrash ’til Death! Decibel Premieres CRITICAL DEFIANCE Album ‘Misconception’

Decibel Magazine has partnered with Unspeakable Axe Records for the premiere of Misconception, the forthcoming debut album from Chilean Thrashers CRITICAL DEFIANCE. 
Stream CRITICAL DEFIANCE’s Misconception
Thrash or be thrashed! CRITICAL DEFIANCE will release Misconception February 8 on Unspeakable Axe Records. Pre-order it at this location.
CRITICAL DEFIANCE goes straight for the jugular with their relentless and intricate brand of old-school thrash metal. Though spawned in the depths of Chile’s underground, CRITICAL DEFIANCE bear all the markings of a band that came straight from the 80s Bay Area scene.
Following two demos and a limited-edition split with Santiago’s PARKCREST, CRITICAL DEFIANCEsigned with Unspeakable Axe Records for the release of Misconception. This eight-track album is an aggressive assault of violent riffs, shredding, yet melodic leads and shouted group vocals.  
“Misconception sounds like a long-buried Bay Area gem.”
 – Decibel
“They make music that is fleet of foot, a-la Slayer or Death Angel, dirty and virtuosic a-la Exodus or Testament, hardcore-ish as DRI or SOD, and even a little Coroner or Kreator near-death-metal experience-y.”
 – Last Rites
“A melodic explosion of energetic aggression, this is thrash metal at its finest!”
– The Metal Channel
“Misconception is a hellfire blaze being transported via missiles running at hyper speed. It’s full of cacophonous, agile, feral, flesh-ripping riffs with a passionate, powerful vocal delivery that channels the sincerity of an Apache warrior.”
 – No Clean Singing
“They deliver their impressive brand of thrash with a raw sound, vicious riffs and a fiery aggression.”
 – Overdrive Music Magazine
“If old school, 1980’s thrash such as Exodus and Kreator are still staples in your musical rotation, then this is for you.”
 – The Mighty Decibel
“If you are a fan of well played thrash metal that pays respect to both the 80’s thrash gods while adding their own creativity then be sure to pick up a copy of Misconception.”
 – Winter Torment Zine
 “Old school rockers rejoice. You have your first great thrash record of the year and one that will be hard pressed to top anytime soon.”
 – The Metal Dad
“This record is an angry beast filled with advanced riff work. What a find!”
 – Indy Metal Vault
“An aggressive assault, a violent mashing of your ear drums, one that shreds and urges you to head bang until your head falls from your neck, and goddamn it is entertaining.”
 – Cadaver Garden
 “They have an identity of their own and the best thing is that it makes you want to return to listen to it. My respects and congratulations to the band for this excellent work.”
 – Grinder Magazine
“Chock full of chopping guitars, brutality and some great riffs.”
 – The Moshville Times

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