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Canadian doom titans Seer stream the entirety of their highly anticipated second album, Vol. 6, at heavily trafficked web-portal Set for international release on February 8th via Artoffact Records, hear Seer‘s Vol. 6 in its entirety exclusively HERE.

Formed in the autumn of 2014, Seer have curated an eclectic sound across three EPs and a full-length record, punctuating traditional doom and glacial sludge with both clean and harsh vocals, folk passages, and ambient meditations. The Vancouver-based quintet comprises vocalist Bronson Lee Norton, guitarists Peter Sacco and Kyle Tavares, bassist Josh Campbell, and drummer Madison Norton. Seer cite bands like Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Blue Oyster Cult, and King Crimson as the pillars of their sound.

As with any strong music scene, the one Seer finds itself in draws its strength from the musicians who inhabit multiple projects, often diverse in genre and atmosphere. Seer members also play in Wormwitch, Empress, and many others, making for a brimming cauldron of creativity.

The current Seer sound incorporates black metal and NWOBHM influences, venturing into territory occupied by groups like Judas Priest, Queensryche, Taake, Bathory, The Ruins of Beverast, and Dissection. In 2018, the band recorded their latest, a record dubbed simply Vol. 6, and signed with Toronto-based Artoffact Records (Dead Quiet, Xandria, The Sorrow, Front Line Assembly). The album was produced by Jordan Koop (Wolf Parade, Lié, The Courtneys), with stunning cover art by Caué Piloto (Un, Jupiterian), and mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust).

Kyle Tavares expands on the album’s themes: “Vol. 6 tells the story of a monk who belongs to a monastery built upon the tallest mountain on the planet. This monk has been chosen to make pilgrimage to the peak of the mountain, where lies the power to return their world to a golden age long past. This pilgrimage is taken once each decade, and no monk has ever returned from his journey and completed the quest. The main theme is dogma and the consequences of accepting rigid principles one must not stray from.”

The CD version will include the entirety of Vol. 5 as bonus tracks. Preorder info for both formats can be found HERE. In the leadup to its release this Friday, hear Seer‘s Vol. 6 in its entirety exclusively HERE, courtesy of Aforementioned cover art and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Seer (Canada)’s Vol. 6
1. Oath Of Exile [03:44]
2. Iron Worth Striking [08:39]
3. Seven Stars, Seven Stones [07:21]
4. Frost Tulpa [08:59]
5. As The Light Fades [07:46]
6. Prior Forms [02:26]


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