Germany’s YSBRYD set release date for PURITY THROUGH FIRE debut – streaming now

Purity ThroughFire sets February 11th as the international release date for the striking debut album of Germany’s YsbrydKraft. The album will be available as a limited edition of 99 handnumbered A5 digipacks as well as normal jewelcase CD version.

Ysbryd holds high the banner of supreme German underground black metal. The sole province of prolific mainman Gestalt, Ysbryd initially self-released its debut album, Kraft, in June 2018, with a cassette version following later that year. However, Purity ThroughFire was so impressed with Ysbryd pure ‘n’ poignant vision of black metal that it agreed to release Kraft in a wider edition, to spread the poison further through the veins of the underground.

Staunchly traditional, Ysbryd breathe the breath of the ancients, but by no means are tethered to any one particular past. Instead, the cold fire and resounding mysticism found across Kraft exude a timelessness that drives deeply into the true heart of black metal. Thus, raging passion and haunting melodicism collide here, all underpinned by an authentically physical approach to execution: no shitty, cheap “one-man black metal band” cliches here – only hate against mankind and the modern world.

Later this year, Purity ThroughFire will release Ysbryd second attack, Macht, so prepare for further reckoning! In the meantime, hear Kraft in its entirety HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Ysbryd (Germany)’s Kraft
1. Diafol
2. Schmach und Schande
3. Die Stunde des Dämons
4. Im Kriege
5. Geist über Fleisch
6. Ritual der Befreiung
7. Die Stunde des Kriegers
8. Glanz und Gloria
9. Duw


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