GINKGO DAWN SHOCK – The New Album “Inward | Flare” Out On March 8th Via This Is Core!

Italian post-rock act Ginkgo Dawn Shock has revealed today the title of their new album, “Inward | Flare”, who will be available in physical and digital format on March 8th via This Is Core! The first video taken from the single “Sadcasm” will be available at the end of February. About the new album the band says: “The foundations and sonic choices of the first album ‘Heed’ were the starting point for the construction of a new vision, no longer referring to precise images of the genre, but rather as spontaneous and heterogeneous as possible. In this way, the keystone becomes instinct. Hit hard, reflect, hit hard again and then let yourself go in the chaos of environments opposed to simplicity. There is no safe world in which take refuge. Only the sounds and the total fury of four synchronized minds in front of an asynchronous scenario. Looking for the order by shattering the mirrors with their own reflections. And we tried to describe this strange struggle also through the contents. Every single track that composes the album puts the listener in front of a categorical imperative: it requires him to give everything of himself during the experience, to become vulnerable during the path and to embrace the sonic message as “conditio sine qua non” to establish an experience as important as it is intimate, otherwise it is better to give up. It asks you to do something else. Every single track. Nothing of the deafening daily noise on the surface transpires in the silence of a mind that digs deep, waiting to be submerged by a blinding flow of energy that is both burning and irrepressible as painful as it is indispensable. All this translates into both a shock therapy and an urgency related to the passing of time, to changing of shapes and ideas but can be seen also as an invitation not to stay too far behind the invisible barriers that each of us has built at least once in life to escape from ourselves first, rather than from the surrounding world”.

“Inward | Flare” artwork and track listing

01. Sadcasm
02. Klys
03. Mankerat
04. Kyrie
05. Yedinyy
06. Glacier
07. Solar
08. Allistee
09. Ljos
10. No Summer In Ohio


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