LACERATION’s ‘Remnants’ Streaming in its Entirety!

Invisible Oranges is streaming Remnants, the forthcoming compilation from Bay Area death-thrashers LACERATION, in its entirety. Thrash away below!
LACERATION – Remnants (album stream)
Unspeakable Axe Records will release Remnants on February 8. Pre-order at this location.
Emerging out of the Northern Bay Area of California in 2006, LACERATION is an old-school style death/thrash band dedicated to crushing skulls and splitting ears. The band recently returned from a five-year hiatus with a new line up and has begun working on new material for their long-awaited debut full-length album.
Remnants compiles LACERATION’s earliest recordings; an EP, a demo and tracks from the band’s 2013 split with TINNITUS. Included are 2009’s Consuming Reality and the buzzed-about Realms of the Unconscious EP, which drew comparisons to the likes of DEMOLITION HAMMER.
Fans can expect 10 tracks of violent death/thrash with ragged glass-gargling vocals and death metal-inspired riffs. No gimmicks! This is true old-school metal that prioritizes sheer heaviness over all else.
“Laceration is locked into that time when the second-generation emergence of thrashers who thought death metal was cool but liked circle pits even more.”
– Invisible Oranges
“Highly recommended, with a heavy nostalgic bias.”
 – Grizzly Butts
“For those of you into thrash metal, you should listen to Laceration. For those of you looking for an introduction to death metal, go listen to Death then listen to Laceration. Anybody who wants an interesting record to listen to that piques your interest in multiple ways, you should listen to Laceration.”
 – Heavy Blog is Heavy
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