Comatose Music celebrate 20 years of MORTAL DECAY’s classic A Gathering Of Human Artifacts with an anniversary reissue with new, brutal artwork

It’s twenty eight years since Mortal Decay first began to fashion their unique world of violent visions and death metal darkness; since they opened a doorway to a plane of insanity which has remained ajar ever since, tempting in the unwary and the seekers of the extreme. To cross that threshold is to walk beneath foreboding skies along the shores of an endless sea of blood; to gaze out across innumerable organs and countless eyes, floating forever on the crimson tide while you stumble along a beach of bleached and broken bones…

Mortal Decay announced themselves to the worldwide death metal scene with three absolutely stunning demos – Dawn Of Misery (’92), Grisly Aftermath (’93) and Brutalizing Creations (’95). This triptych of skull shattering releases paved the way for the band’s full length debut, Sickening Erotic Fanaticism which was released through Pulverizer Records in 1997. However, to many fans, Sickening… never quite managed to capture the terrifying magnificence of those early demos – the absence of original vocalist John Paoline from the album being cited as a key difference. Paoline, who is now firmly back in the Mortal Decay ranks, walking the shores of blood once more, has been described by No Clean Singing as “one of the most distinctive vocalists in the realm of brutal death metal”. So in 1999 Mortal Decay gathered together their three classic demos and released them through their own MDK label as one incredible album…A Gathering Of Human Artifacts. The response to this release was overwhelming and No Clean Singing have called it
“compelling, twisting, turning, grooving, slamming and constantly shifting, everything you could ever really want from such madness.”

Now, twenty years on from its original release Comatose Music are set to unleash A Gathering Of Human Artifacts on the world once more, with brutal new artwork. The horrors of the ‘Post-mortem Feast’ will begin once again and the blood of a new generation of fans will be chilled by the nightmarish imaginings of ‘Revived Half Dead’. The passage of time has done nothing to dull the potency of these insane creations, merely rendered them more rotten and disturbing than ever before.

On March 22nd join with Comatose Music in celebrating 20 years of one of the most uniquely horrifying death metal albums of all time. Raise your voices in praise and hail the return of A Gathering Of Human Artifacts!

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