The first album of TRISTE TERRE “Grand Oeuvre” will be out on March 15

Grand Œuvre, which could be translated both by the Great Work or the Masterpiece. A baptism above the font of arrogance or self-mockery for Triste Terre’s first album? Neither. An atmospheric black metal resonating from classical echoes of Bach’s darkest hours. After perfecting its style with 3 Eps, this band from Lyon, France doesn’t fear from aiming high with hieratic songs built like cathedrals of noble darkness. Inside vibratos of excruciating clearness and vast roarings worthy of a prophet shatter concepts and liturgies,always aspiring to higher spheres. Triste Terre is making there an occult and glorious offering.

1-Oeuvre au Noir 
2-Corps Glorieux 
3-Nobles Luminaires 
4-Grand Architecte 
5-Lueur Emérite 
6-Tibut Solennel 


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