ARCHAIC DECAPITATOR – Connecticut-based Progressive Melodic Death Metal Unit Announce The Apothecary

Connecticut-based melodic death metal veterans Archaic Decapitator are proud to officially announce the upcoming Friday. April 19th release of their new five-song EP, The Apothecary. The Apothecary is the groups new follow up to their well-received 2016 EP, Light of a Different Sun, which featured ex-Dying Fetus renowned drummer Kevin Talley on session drums. Active since 2007, Archaic Decapitator previously releases a 2009 demo, a 2011 full-length album, and another EP in 2015 prior to gaining new fans and wider worldwide praise with the release of Light of a Different Sun.

Between their last release and their new music on The Apothecary, Archaic Decapitator added Xenosis drummer Gary Marotta and new rhythm guitarist Chris Ridley as permanent members. The result is a slightly re-tooled and newly refined take on the band’s well-established brand of progressive melodic death metal heavy on European melodic death influences and supported by black metal, thrash, and symphonic flourishes. The killer cover artwork for The Apothecary was handled by Caelen Stokkermans who handled the recent artwork found throughout Misery Index’s – “The Choir Invisible” freshly launched 2019 lyric video as well as handling last year’s Soreption album cover art. 

Archaic Decapitator – The Apothecary will strongly appeal to fans of groups such as Dark Tranquillity, Dimension Zero, Hypocrisy, Naglfar, Kalmah, Insomnium, Old Man’s Child, and The Blach Dahlia Murder.

Archaic Decapitator comments on the upcoming release of The Apothecary
“Expanding on the melodic approach of the previous EP. This release is slightly shorter than the previous one but contains much more substance and emotion. With the addition of Xenosis drummer Gary to the group, a significant amount of feeling is supplied through his drumming which has brought even more color to the record. Conceptually, this album touches upon processes of acceptance and healing. It touches upon what it may be like to be an empath and take on the troubles of others at the expense of one’s own vitality, as well as how much can an individual ultimately absorb before succumbing burden.”

Archaic Decapitator – The Apothecary Track Listing
1. Circadian Promise
2. Skyward
3. Cruelty of the Host Star
4. Diminishing Returns
5. The Apothecary

Archaic Decapitator – The Apothecary Line-Up
Kyle Quintin- Vocals (Fires in the Distance, ex-Formless)
Yegor Savonin- Lead Guitar (Fires in the Distance)
Chris Ridley- Rhythm Guitar
Craig Breitsprecher- Bass, Backing Vocals (Fires in the Distance, ex-Formless)
Gary Marotta- Drums (Xenosis)

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