OLTRETOMBA “THE HORROR- Figure del Terrore” Official Cover Art, Track Listing & Release Date Revealed!

Italian not-so-new-comers OLTRETOMBA (which translates to ‘underworld’), make their triumphant Moribund Debut with their second full-length album, “THE HORROR – Figure del Terrore”. Old school in sound & style, raw and aggressive, even outright rocking (did someone say more cowbell?), OLTRETOMBA will have every-one head banging to their phenomenal offerings!

The most rocking, catchy Black Metal since Craft or early Dark Throne OLTRETOMBA doesn’t stop there. Digging deep into the Stygian past, they also incorporate the primal brutality captured by Finland’s 1st wave of Death Metal ala Demigod, Belial & Demilch! 

Moribund Records official street date for this superb production is April 5th, 2019! Worship OLTRETOMBA’s diabolical “Retrogarde Metal”!

OLTRETOMBA “THE HORROR – Figure del Terrore” CD
04/05/2019 Street Date
Track Listing:
1. The horror (intro) 1:19
2. Her eyes 3:54
3. Epitaph on the cenotaph 4:35
4. Motherfucker of Grand Cross 3:08
5. The river in the middle 3:59
6. The blade and the hungry 3:53
7. Blue devil 3:58
8. Amputation (arms and legs) 4:50
9. Nameless occultist 3:50
10. Dracul 4:40
11. L’orrore (outro) 1:19

Total Play Time: 34:34
* BOLD Denotes Radio Push Tracks


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