THE BLACK SORCERY – Canadian bestial black death metal ensemble debut the title track of upcoming album “Wolven Degrade” via No Clean Singing

Conjured in 2018 from the frozen tundra of Canada, repulsive black/death collective THE BLACK SORCERY comprise members from The Projectionist, Operation Winter Mist, and Thy Sepulchral Moon. Violent in every measure, the 2018 debut album,  …and the Beast Spake Death from Above, abruptly made their arrival notorious. Now, the troop will unfurl the next chapter of their aural bestiality through the upcoming second album,Wolven Degrade, to be out jointly via Krucyator Productions (CD) and Appalachian Noise Records (LP) on March 28, 2019. 

As the first taste of the opus, the band have shared the title track via No Clean Singing. “… the title track is indeed a bestial debauch, a primitive and priapic violation of the senses”, compliments No Clean Singing on the track premiere feature of Wolven Degrade.

“The title track ‘Wolven Degrade‘ is true bestial debauch, the tale of an abyssic winter rape and subsequent impaling murder of a witch nestled in the unforgiving Canadian Rocky Mountains. As the hungry wolf’s knot stabs at the heart of her, the onslaught of The Black Sorcery will conjure a freezing splattering of blood into the merciless snow of your deadest frostbitten thoughts…”, explains the band.

Stream the track “Wolven Degrade” at No Clean Singing RIGHT HERE

THE BLACK SORCERY are geared up to drop the next bomb of malignancy through the second album, profoundly titled as “Wolven Degrade”. The Black Sorcery have not limited their obscenity by only waving the flag of Canadian war metal legacy, they have built new pillars to strengthen the usual sonic paradigm of the sub-genre — with the help of grim black metal influences, maniacal guttural nastiness and piercing screams.

Totaling ten cruelly themed numbers, Wolven Degrade will be out on March 28th. Krucyator Productions will take care of the CD and Appalachian Noise Records will release the vinyl (limited to 100 black LPs).

The repugnant artwork completed by Jenglot Hitam.





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