THE LAST OF LUCY – California-based Experimental Death Metal/Mathcore Act Launch “Advertent Avidity” Drum Playthough At Everything Is Noise

Based in Orange County/Los Angeles, California, The Last Of Lucy dropped their newest offering of chaotic and unorthodox technical death metal in late-November 2017 with the release of their first full-length, Ashvattha. It was the group’s first release in several years and won widespread acclaim from sites and writers worldwide. Prior to the release of Ashvattha in late-2017, the band had previously released vicious and creative EP’s in 2014 and 2010. The Last Of Lucy has been active since 2007 and incorporates various elements of Grind, Smooth Jazz, Ambient Electronica, & Classical music into their own unique style of death metal.

Eager to roll out more content for Ashvattha, the band linked up with Gear Gods last March to launch a dual guitar playthrough of their song “Agarttha”. Just a few months ago the band worked with Decibel Magazine to exclusively premiere the new music video for their song “Formication” which was shot live during their recent 2018 summer U.S. tour. Before the chapter closes on Ashvattha related content, the group wanted to put out one more playthrough to further highlight the release before continuing work on their next album.

Today the band partnered with Everything Is Noise to exclusively premiere drummer Brandon Millan’s (ex-live for Arkaik) playthrough video of their song “Advertent Avidity”. 

You can check out The Last Of Lucy – “Advertent Avidity” drum playthrough video HERE

Everything Is Noise comments on today’s playthrough premiere of “Advertent Avidity”
“The video also serves as affirmation that The Last of Lucy are a formidable outfit with a hell of a lot of good ideas. Those out of the loop are strongly advised to jump straight from this and onto the Ashvattha record in its full-length glory. The album is a rich assortment of jazz, tech death, djent and a whole load of other finely blended influences. It’s the record that keeps on giving.”

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