COLD COLOURS’ Album ‘Northernmost’ Streaming in it Entirety

Cover art: Todd Salat
Invisible Oranges has premiered Northernmost, the forthcoming new album from Minnesota Death/Doom band COLD COLOURS. 
Northernmost (full album stream)
COLD COLOURS celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2019 with the February 22 release of fifth full-length album Northernmost
Vocalist/guitarist Brian J. Huebner had this to say about the band’s milestone:
“If 20 years has taught me anything, it’s that you have to believe in what you are doing. No matter how many roadblocks you hit over two decades. I am thrilled that we have ‘Northernmost’ to celebrate 20 years. Our best album so far? Without question, but more importantly, the best representation of who we are and should be. This album is a testament to the chemistry of the band in 2019.”


Long overdue, Northernmost finds COLD COLOURS in top form as they mine the depths of despair on 12 dynamic compositions guaranteed to satisfy devotees, as well as newcomers with a taste for the likes of AMORPHIS, SWALLOW THE SUN, and INSOMNIUM. Recorded and mixed by drummer Mike Andrie, and mastered to perfection by the legendary Dan Swanö at Sweden’s Unisound, Northernmost is nothing short of exquisite. Welcome to 2019; welcome to your Doom! 
“On Northernmost, Cold Colours often tap into the sweet sounds of the Peaceville Three. The result is melodic, majestic, melancholic and certainly worthy of other adjectives that begin with the letter M.”
 – Decibel
“If you like that icy kind of melodic death/doom that hails from Finland, set your GPS to Minneapolis to experience Cold Colours.”
 – Dr. Mality’s Dungeon
“It’s a great album. It explores the possibilities of what melody and atmospheric effect can bring to Metal when you infuse Gothic feel to it.” [8/10]
 – Metal Temple
“This is a really good album and the fact they are ambitious enough to have such a huge sound only adds to it.” [9/10]
 – Abysmal Hymns
“I would recommend this album to a wide range of metal fans. They bring together several different elements of the genre to create their own unique sound.”
 – Maehem Underground Media
“The band is dark, melodic, powerful and moving. The sound is rich and crushing.”
 – Permafrost Today

Brian J Huebner – vocals, guitar
Matt Hamilton – lead guitar
Mike Andrie – drums
Jaden Adair – vocals, bass
Jon Rayl – keyboards 

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