EGGS OF GOMORRH – CVLT Nation premieres title track “Outpregnate” of Swiss bestial black/death troop’s upcoming MCD

Cover Art:  Daniel “Nekronikon” Corcuera

Swiss black death terror group Eggs of Gomorrh is a month away from the release of their MCD, Outpregnate, arrives on March 18th via Krucyator Productions digitally and on CD.

CVLT Nation debuts the title track of the EP today.

Outpregnate, the main theme of the EP is about an apocalyptic universe and its projection upon a mortal who ejaculates worms while the vault of demonic possession opens itself toward him.”, explains the band on the concept. 

Stream the track “Outpregnate”exclusivelyvia CVLT Nation RIGHT HERE

The first single, Prayeggrh. came out a few weeks ago, can be streamed AT THIS LOCATION

Swiss necrosadistic elite EGGS OF GOMORRH was formulated a decade ago to inject the fuel of depravity, abhorrence and lechery into the human race. Their first bestial manifestation exploded up in 2011 in the form of a self-released demo “Rot Prophet”. After lurking 05 years in the subterranean darkness and occasionally appearing for live annihilations, the Swiss hellhounds finally discharged their debut album “Rot Prophet” in 2016 under the banner of Vault of Dried Bones. Despite having the same title, the full length contains three numbers from the demo, but with totally different and improved approaches.

The swiss bestial black/death trio has now made a pact with Krucyator Productions for unchaining their MCD “Outpregnate”. Hatching a visible transition of conceptual composition, the new offering outstrips the savagery and profanity of the “Rot Prophet” era materials. Outpregnate represents a universe where medieval satanism arises and extinguishes the morality with carnage, apocalyptic hate, eternal sodomy and murder. In sum, the violence and bestiality begotten through the EP lie beyond the identified periphery of “war metal” or “bestial black metal”. The MCD contains a bonus cover of an Arkhon Infaustus track.

CD due for release on 18th March.

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