WITCHGÖAT – Debut album “Egregors of the Black Faith” of Salvadorian black/thrashers out today

Egregors of the Black Faith is nine tracks of tremendously executed, relentless extreme punishment. Striking the perfect balance between fun, evil, and flat out killer …” — Dutch Pearce, Decibel Magazine

Salvadorian black/thrashing maniacs WITCHGÖAT‘sdebut full length Egregors of the Black Faith comes out todayvia Morbid Skull Records (CD & Cassette) and Hell Productions (CD). This album is the successor of the demo Umbra Regit that came out last year. 

M. Miasma (vocals) states: “We hope to project our first album, Egregors of the Black Faith, to the world as a tribute of our devotion to thrash/black/death metal and to show that in Central America we also share the visceral spirit of honest and direct metal that makes its way even without having great technical and economic resources, just like the spirit of South America in the ‘80s. On this album, we tried to print our version of the raw metal which we have been fans of for many years. We trust that the followers of this type of music will find it interesting.”

Stream “Egregors of the Black Faith ” in its full via Decibel Magazine, AT THIS LOCATION

Cover art by E.V.

WITCHGÖAT was conceived in the middle of 2016 by the long serving Salvadorian guitarist P. Scyther with the aim to form a black/thrash metal project that would carry off the effervescence of the old school thrash metal, the brutality and the precariousness of the ‘80s extreme metal, and the dire melodies of the ‘90s blackened death metal. He had shortly begun composing for the nameless project. The drummer E. Driller joined him in the early 2017 and the recording process was started straight away under the moniker of WITCHGÖAT. The lineup of WITCHGÖAT was completed upon the arrival of M. Miasma (vocals) and C. Fog (bassist) in the mid – 2017. 

The profane quartet bestowed the demo tape “Umbra Regit” (all 33 copies were sold out immediately after issuing the pre-order) upon earth on July 31, 2018 via MORBID SKULL RECORDS. The demo assault is a momentary demonstration of the profound malignancy and the inevitable destruction that the impending debut is to inflame in the beginning of the year 2019.

The debut opus “Egregors of the Black Faith” is out on February 13, 2019 via MORBID SKULL RECORDS (El Salvador – CD & Cassette) and HELL PRODUCTIONS (THAILAND – CD). Rejecting all type of modern technological enhancements, this opus conjures the filthiness and wickedness of the bona fide old-school extreme metal sound. With a malefic storm of barbaric black/thrashing numbers present in the album, WITCHGÖAT is destined to intensify the spirit of the Central American metal underground.


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