HEAUME MORTAL unveils a new track: “Tongueless (part III)”

HEAUME MORTAL’s first album ” Solstices” will be out on March 1, 2019. (CD digipack)

Sharp, heavy, cold, contemplative and mesmerizing are keywords that best describe its atmosphere. We could classify HEAUME MORTAL as a Black Doom to make it short, but that’s much more than that. It’s like a crawling beast, throbbing, mutating through heavy dissonant atmospheres, almost as a ritual. A dangerous one, full of hatred, using the music to serve a dark atmosphere, tainted with various vocals, sometimes almost experimental. A little bit of YOB, a touch of KICKBACK, some kind of VERDUN, a bit of CULT OF LUNA, a shade of BURZUM….. 

Heaume Mortal is a personnal project from France, led by Guillaume Morlat (Eibon, Cowards).

1. Yesteryears
2. South of no north
3. Oldborn
4. Erblicket die tochter des firmament (Burzum cover)
5. Tongueless (part III)
6. Mestreguiral

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