Rompeprop’s GRINDHOVEN festival completes billing for edition VIII – March 30, 2019

Doomstar Bookings, Rompeprop and Dynamo are proud to present the full line up for the 8th edition of their annual Grindhoven festival. Rompeprop called it quits in 2016 and played their last show at their very own festival. They continue to organize this event, always looking for the most excellent acts and attractions to create a combination of good music, fun activities, a great atmosphere and a lot of nonsense. Nothing here is politically correct, everything is about good times and laughter. The billing for this year is as follows:


Misery Index (USA) – Grindcore/Death Metal
Wormrot (SG) – Grindcore
Korpse (NL) – Slam/Brutal Death
Teethgrinder (NL) – Grindcore
Inopexia (RU) – Goregrind
Nasty Face (UK/CH) – Goregrind
Onetwothreefour (NL) – Punk

Atrium acts:

MensVreters (SA) – Zuid-Afrikaans horror rap
Jean-Louis Costes (F) – Alternative/Indie
Johnny Bockwurst (NL) – Smartlappen


March 30, 2018
Location: Dynamo, Eindhoven – NL
Doors: 16.00
Start: 16.20

Tickets presale: €20 (ex service costs)
Tickets doors: 


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