PUTREFIED CORPSE new video-clip online!

Dutch Deathmetallers PUTREFIED CORPSE, have just released a video-clip in the purest style of gore B-series films, from the song “Cordon Bleu of her Curvaceous Body” as a 2nd advance single of their first album “Left to Rot“, scheduled for next 19th of March 2019 through Xtreem Music.

PUTREFIED CORPSE includes ex-members of bands like PHLEBOTOMIZED, ADETAR and DEATH SQUAD and their style is a pure old school sounding Death Metal whose main influences could come from bands like GOREFEST, CANNIBAL CORPSE, AUTOPSY, OBITUARY, MASSACRE…

Tracklist for “Left to Rot” is as follows:

01. Intro I
02. Smashed to Pieces
03. Cordon Bleu of her Curvaceous Body
04. Embrace Death in Solitude
05. Bloodbath
06. Sociopathic Monstrosity
07. Intro II
08. Obliteration of Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformation
09. Procreation of the Rotten Flesh (feat. Per Boder)
10. Necrotopia – Zombie Apocalypse
11. Joyful Repeating Movement
12. Godly Beings (Obituary) 

Release date for “Left to Rot” will be March 19th, 2019 through Xtreem Music on CD format. You can visit PUTREFIED CORPSE‘s Facebook here: www.facebook.com/PutrefiedCorpse and listen to the previous 1st advance single on the following links:

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