VESPERINE (Post-Hardcore – France) unveils new track “Nous, Si Photosensibles”


French Post-Hardcore combo Vesperine have launched a crushing new track named “Nous, Si Photosensibles“, the second extract from their upcoming debut album “Espérer Sombrer” (“Hope to sink” in French), which is set to be released on March 22nd.

Listen to “Nous, Si Photosensibles” on YouTube :

Espérer Sombrer” will be available on CD, Deluxe Double Vinyl and Digital, via their Bandcamp page:

Earlier, the band had unveiled the massive 14-minutes closing track of this upcoming record, “Celui Que L’Ombre Pénètre“, which can still be listened here:

1. Clair-Obscur
2. Nous, Si Photosensibles
3. Mille Couleurs
4. L’Immensément Noir (06h37)
5. Crépuscule Et Aube
6. L’Immensément Noir (21h32)
7. Celui Que L’Ombre Pénètre

Hope, to sink. Eternal mantra of France and its passions.
The mantra of Hugo, Lamartine, Mallarmé, Rimbaud. To summon the national poets is normal: VESPERINE is part of a two thousand year old lineage, that of the storytellers, that of the poets, that of the desperate.

Its Post-Hardcore feeds on a French tradition. The verse rubs the heavy rhythm, like a poem fin de siècle. Sometimes, it seems to us to glimpse the specter of a diffuse light, like Verlaine begging from the depths of his prison. Then the terror again, while we face the power of the Negative.

VESPERINE sings an immortal human struggle, Lights / Darkness, Good / Evil, Earth / Sky. In the right line of AMENRA or CULT OF LUNA, «Espérer Sombrer» wakes up this fight but leaves little room for salvation.

« Espérer Sombrer » will be released on 22 March 2019
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