ZAPRUDER have released a video clip for “Piss Soaked”, 100% DIY with Windows Movie Maker

Zapruder have launched a new video clip, proudly made with Windows Movie Maker. The song featured in this video is “Piss Soaked“, from their latest album, simply called “Zapruder”.

Watch this and enjoy WTF-land:

The lovely bros of Zapruder will be on tour this spring, here is the tour poster for THE BROMUNIST TOUR, and the complete list of shows:

  • 20.04 – Nantes, FR
  • 21.04 – Paris, FR
  • 22.04 – Cologne, DE
  • 23.04 – Berlin, DE
  • 24.04 – Wroclaw, PL
  • 25.04 – Cluj, RO
  • 26.04 – Bucarest, RO
  • 27.04 – Satu Mare, RO
  • 28.04 – Budapest, HU
  • 29.04 – TBA
  • 30.04 – TBA
  • 01.05 -TBA
  • 02.05 – Lyon, FR
  • 03.05 – Montpellier, FR
  • 04.05 – Toulouse, FR


  1. I Left My Appendix In NYC
  2. Tongue Twister
  3. Half Stache Man
  4. Leaving Montreal
  5. Dracula Love Hotel
  6. Martin Bell
  7. Piss Soaked
  8. Back In Town
  9. Fly Me To The Ceiling

After an EP, a first album and several tours in Europe, ZAPRUDER had an event that changed their career.
The flight of Isaac for Canada has indeed led the band to tie up its links despite the distance.

More fusional than ever, the five crazy guys in ZAPRUDER have adopted a rhythm of Stakhanovist work mixed with the pleasure of seeing each other once a year. This new eponymous album is their most personal album. Written for several weeks in their country bastion, drinking booze every day, making BBQs, and remembering the origin of ZAPRUDER: friendship, fun, rock’n’roll. It was recorded by Amaury Sauvé, their eternal engineer and now 6th member of the band. 15 days of studio, drinking again, walking naked and doing bodybuilding with bags filled with bottles.

The result is a free, bold album, inspired by DAUGHTERS, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, and definitely ZAPRUDER. It talks about love, friendship, sex, touring, the distance that separates each one of them. The artwork is from Chien Bleu, artist inspired by Japanese art. A visual that represents the album, which speaks above all about bromance and freedom.

« Zapruder » was released on 23 November 2018
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