INHEPSIE – New album “Onirique” – Out on March 29th!

To mark their 4th album, Inhepsie is completed by a solo guitarist adding a additional  melodic frame to the orchestration of their music. Between light and dark, it still reign this alchemy of opposites where the subtle meeting of impactful riff and soft melody operates. At once melancholic and full of hope this musical universe invites the auditor to get lost in the meanders of emotions and onirism through poetic texts promoting introspection.

Everyone will find a particuliar resonance to his listening.More dynamic and at the same time more intimate than the previous albums, Onirique reveals itself as 10 titles, evolving in an atmospheric and symphonic metal of its own. We are witnessing the almost symbiotic entanglement of instrumental passages where sensations awaken here and there in contact with a note, a sound or a word. A musical flight out of time that will surprise by its compositions and its arrangement. A powerful, deep and authentic album!

Inhepsie, atmospheric metal band with female singing, formed in 2001 in Paris. Inhepsie’s particularity is in the original creation of albums written in french in poetry form, inhepsie made 4 albums.

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