KATATONIA – celebrate the 10th anniversary of night is the new day with exclusive live shows and a new deluxe edition of the album

The umbral machinery known as Katatonia is starting to make its first moves after an idle year of stillness. We will begin our return with a celebration of our album” Night is the New Day” which turns 10 years now in 2019.”
Anders Nystrom

Limited Edition Deluxe Edition 2xCD/DVD/10” Red Vinyl or Double Red Vinyl. BUY NOW

2019 marks ten years since the release of Katatonia’s seminal Peaceville album Night Is The New Day.  Now, for the album’s 10th anniversary the band & Peaceville Records are set to release a deluxe edition of this classic album on 17th May 2019; and to further commemorate this dark gem, they will return to the live arena to play Night Is The New Day in its entirety at six select club shows in Europe in May.

The band’s eighth album Night Is The New Day saw a continuation of the heaviness, depth & atmosphere of their previous album, The Great Cold Distance, with the band creating a more multi-dimensional sound. Asked how he now views the importance of Night Is The New Day within Katatonia’s career, guitarist, Anders Nystrom, muses “we, and many others, look upon this album as one of the most well produced, dark and atmospheric albums within our discography. It spawned new classics with ’Forsaker’ & ’Day And Then The Shade’ that have rarely left our live repertoire.  As a band, we dug deep into ourselves to deliver the epic ballad ’Departer’ as well as the folk song undertones of ’Idle Blood’, ’Inheritance’, The Promise of Deceit’ and ’Onward Into Battle’; then there is the rich contrast of dynamics in songs like ’The Longest year’, ’Liberation’, ’New Night’ and ’Ashen’ but we also slowed things down further to impending doom with the song ’Nephilim’. All of these songs glued this album together like pillars carrying the weight of both our night and day.”

The album was originally recorded at Studio Mega & Ghost Ward Studios in July 2009; co-produced, engineered and mixed by David Castillo (Opeth), with mastering by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth, Paradise Lost).  Night Is The New Day garnered praise not only from the worldwide media but also from their peers, with Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt stating “Night Is The New Day is ‘possibly the greatest ‘heavy’ record I have heard in the last 10 years… it truly is a masterpiece!”

The 10th Anniversary edition of Night Is the New Day features new cover artwork from long-time Katatonia collaborator Travis Smith, & be available for the first time in glorious hi-res 5.1, created by Bruce Soord, with sleeve-notes and new interviews with Anders Nystrom & Jonas Renske by renowned journalist Dom Lawson.

Ltd edition deluxe version features:
CD1 – Night Is The New Day
CD2 – B-sides, remixes, live recordings
DVD – Original High Resolution Stereo Masters 24/96 PCM WAV + New (Bruce Soord) 5.1 Mixes  24/96 DTS  + ‘The Longest Year’ (video) + ‘Day and Then the Shade’ (video)
10” vinyl  –  Longest Day EP on 100g red vinyl
48 page hard back book with extensive new liner notes and interviews by Dom Lawson

LP – gatefold double LP on 180g red vinyl / new cover artwork from Travis Smith / edited sleevenotes from Dom Lawson.

The dim future is there for the taking… follow us and hopefully more news will unfurl.

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