Stein Akslen of MINNERIKET contributes lyrics and vocals to “The Craving Within” by ÆRA

Stein Akslen of Minneriket (Blodsgard, Vakslen, V0id&Khaos) joined forces with Ulf Kveldulvsson of the mighty ÆRA early 2018. Their debut full-length album “The Craving Within” was released 28th of January 2019 by Aeternitas Tenebrarum.

The Craving Within” consists of six tracks of majestic pagan Black Metal, bringing forth memories of legendary acts suchs as Emperor, Kampfar and Vintersorg, creating an album able to evoke the epic aura of the early ’90s. All music by Ulf Kveldulfsson, all lyrics are written by and performed by Stein Akslen. Additional backing vocals by Ulf Kveldulfsson and Michael Rumple.

“The Craving Within” is available digitally through Bandcamp:

And on CD:

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